The "Simple" 4 Step Process to Enrol New Clients

Creating cashflow and profits quickly and efficiently is critical to the success and growth of your business, which is why we teach and use our "Clients in Days" 4 Step Process to Enrol New Clients

"We Get Paid For the Value We Bring to the Marketplace"

- Jim Rohn

What is Your Inherent Value?

I believe that all successful Mentors must establish their business on the foundation of their purpose, passion, mission and inherent value, combined with a strategic approach to establishing and growing their reach, influence and impact.

As a Mentor to digital entrepreneurs for over 15 years, my expertise is in guiding you to not only own your inner wealth and self-worth but to channel your inherent talents, strengths, and gifts into a clear vision and strategic plan for your business.

Together, we'll navigate the complexities of becoming the trusted expert and leader within your niche, through strategic branding and marketing strategies, plans, and frameworks.

As a Creative, Strategic Visionary, my focus is to equip you with a concrete plan to monetize your expertise, knowledge, and skills in a way that's uniquely yours.

Own Your "Inner-Wealth"

  • Follow a simple process to discover your Ikigai, so you can "Do What You Love , Live Your Purpose, Make An Impact and Earn What You Are Worth"

  • Rediscover your true value and your inherent "Inner-Wealth"

  • Discover the #1 investment strategy that guarantees an increase of value year after year

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Learn How to Do What You Love, Live Your Purpose, Make An Impact and Earn What You Are Worth

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Create Your First (or Next) Irresistible Offer in 1 Day With the Digital Mentor Revolution Workshop

Discover our exclusive 9-step framework for defining your audience, crafting market-ready offers they'll buy, and discover how AI can amplify your success — all in a single transformative day.

AI-Powered Business Blueprint for Your Digital Mentorship Business

The Compass Guide is a highly customized and personalized report specific to you and your developing vision for transforming your knowledge into a thriving business. Discover your ideal market, craft winning messages and get a personalized roadmap to success.

Leverage AI to Triple Your Productivity and Get More Leads & Sales in Your Business

LIVE virtual workshop and DEMO: Create a high-converting lead magnet, craft engaging emails, and create social media content with our secret AI prompts with one goal: help you get more leads and sales with your irresistible offer in this live virtual workshop.

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If you're a coach, mentor, creator, consultant, speaker, author or subject matter expert looking to improve your influence, impact and revenue we'd love to help.

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Norbert Orlewicz is co-founder of and has been a digital entrepreneur and marketing strategist since 2008. Through his companies, communities, virtual courses, workshops and speaking engagements, Norbert has personally worked with, trained and mentored thousands of aspiring and thriving entrepreneurs to launch and scale their businesses.

Norbert has a vast and diverse knowledge of marketing and growth strategies and a unique ability to see opportunities for growth and design strategic initiatives to increase sales and profits in any business. Norbert specializes in business & marketing strategy, branding & positioning, customer acquisition, community building, digital product creation and training.

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